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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Blog...

Like you, I am a huge cocktail lover!!! 

I love EVERYTHING about these exciting drinks... so I decided to create an online list - a collection of all the cocktails that intrigue, excite, captivated and satisfied my being :-P 

But of course I also wanted to share this list to the rest of the world - hence, TopCocktailRecipe.com was born!

I though wanna stress that TopCocktailRecipe.com doesn't own any of the pictures or recipes on this blog. Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are properly credited to where the recipe and pictures were found. 

So go ahead buddy! Dig in to my cocktail recipes collection.. 

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  • If you have recipes you want to share with me, go ahead and send them in. I will publish it on this blog and together we'll share it to all the party people out there!